The Guitar Grimoire® - Scales and Modes

by Adam Kadmon

Carl Fischer Guitar Grimoire Book
Carl Fischer Guitar Grimoire Book
Carl Fischer Guitar Grimoire Vol. 1 Pack (Book/Dvd)
"I can't believe I've finally found a book which contains the key to music understanding, enjoyment and individuality. After spending hours pouring over and writing pieces of music from the Grimoire Volume 1, I can do nothing but praise the text. I recommend that anyone who wishes to stand out in their music composition and musical understanding purchase this product. With the sweep picking and position format for every key and mode of each scale formula presented, the book shows a lot of preparation and insight." - Damien Lempriere, Australia



This is the only book you'll ever need on scales and modes! An encyclopedia with over 6,000 diagrams, charts and graphs. Harmony and Theory is as easy as 1, 2, 3. Best of all, scales are graphed out for you in all twelve keys so you can start using them immediately while you learn.

Complete explanation of all five-, six-, seven- and eight-tone scales and modes. The essential volume for every guitarist' library.
211 pages
ISBN # 0-8258-2171-1