The Guitarist's Keyboard Progression Book

by Adam Kadmon TM

The Guitarist's Keyboard Progression Book cover
The Guitarist's Keyboard Progression Book

Best selling author, Adam Kadmom, has created a pick and play book for the relative beginner. It is for the individual who just wants to play something on the keyboard now!

Kadmon applies his comprehensive, results-oriented approach to chord progressions on the keyboard. It is particularly useful for instrumentalists who have little keyboard experience. The Guitarist's Keyboard Progressions Book opens up the realm of chords and chords progressions through the more visually clear environment of the keyboard.

You are given the elements of chord theory, new sounds through voicings, a full survey of four-measure progressions and many other approaches to coming up with your own chord progressions. Within a short span of time you are ready to use these materials in a truly creative way - even constructing your own songs. Another piece of magic from the Grimoire series.